Taking the First Steps in Creating Your Marketing Funnel

When you first start out on your Internet marketing adventure it is hard to know what to do after you have established your base camp. You could join the legions of people who never make this next step because they are so hamstrung by the multitude of options and best methods to follow.

Research is crucial in helping to clear away the fog of confusion but it cannot solve all your problems. In fact, this could even lead to more problems as there are so many ways to research a market, so what are you to do?

Not having to be perfect is the key mindset you must adopt, you are not looking to be perfect just good enough to achieve your goals. If you continue to seek the perfect option for you then you are certain to never make progress in life and online. clickfunnel discount Being just good enough relies upon you taking leaps of faith by following your instinct but crucially also taking the time to truly understand the effects of this action.

Still not sure what to do then let me help.

In creating your marketing funnel the technique of split testing is crucial to understanding the effects of your online activity. By using this technique throughout your marketing career you can quickly create the most effective campaigns and marketing funnels for yourself and your clients.

The key to split testing is just getting started.

What phrase do you think would raise curiosity in your markets mind, remember we are not looking for a perfect phrase just one that you can improve upon. If you are marketing with passion then trust your instinct and use the first one that comes into your mind.

This will be your starting point, not your final option.

With your title created, you now you have to write a short body of text that expands upon this phrase but crucially does not reveal the whole story. The final touch is to include a web address that will give them a way to satisfy their curiosity

Congratulations you have now created a piece of promotional material but what are you going to do with it?

I would recommend placing an Internet advertisement. This is an option that will reveal the market’s reaction to your promotional material for the least cost, as only a fool spends marketing budgets upon an unproven campaign.

The key here is that you are going to be placing at least 2 versions of your material in front of your potential customers. The difference between each version will be a single word in the title and a single phrase in the text of your advertisement.

This is all fine and good but how do your measure your customers responses?

All good advertising sites will allow you to track how many times your ad has been viewed, this will reveal which title your target audience prefers. You could even place all of the ads in multiple categories to ensure you are focusing on the right section of your market.

Whichever category and title brings in the most views is the winning combination that you can begin to improve upon. However this is not the end of the testing because even though they have opened your message, which version of the text lead them to take action and click on the link.

This is where link tracking comes into its own.

The link that you provide must be able to record how many times it has been clicked. There are plenty of services that will do this for you, the most notable service is Google Analytics and its URL builder. With this final piece of information you now know which combination of category, title and text are preferred by your market.

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